Ring Walks Analysed

The ringwalk is a boxer’s chance to stamp their authority on a fight before the first bell has rung. Down the year’s we’ve enjoyed the bold and extravagant to the serious and stylish. But what do they tell us about a fighter’s mentality and confidence?

Parimatch teamed up with body language expert Mark Bowden to analyse some of the most iconic ringwalks of all time…

We analysed 10 iconic ring walks from some of the most iconic fights and entrances of all time to discover what their behaviour and body language was telling us ahead of the first bell.

Select the fight you wish to see analysed below and follow the analysis to the right to uncover exactly how the fighters were feeling on their approach to the ring.

Common Ringwalk Traits


Using Royal or Heroic imagery
Power and confidence in victory


Lip suppression
An anxiety towards entering the ring
Bowed head
Fear towards an opponent
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Portrait of Mark Bowden
Mark Bowden
Expert In Body Language, Human Behavior And Communication

Mark is a world-renowned body language thought-leader and founder of TRUTHPLANE® communication training company, with its training ranked in the world’s top ten by Global Gurus. Mark’s cutting-edge system of nonverbal communication techniques helps audiences become more confident, collaborative, and credible in their communication.

Voted Global Gurus #1 Body Language Professional, Mark trains individuals, teams, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and Prime Ministers of G7 powers. Mark is on faculty for The KelloggSchulich Executive MBA, and President of the National Communication Coach Association of Canada.

Mark’s TEDx talk reaches millions, he is a go-to body-language commentator for CTV, CBC, Global, and regularly quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes and GQ, and most recently he can be seen on the Dr Phil Show together with his body language expert colleagues from the growing YouTube sensation The Behavior Panel.

Mark has years of experience training business and political leaders across the globe on how to use their body language both live and over digital media most effectively for superior communication. His bestselling books on body language and on understanding human behavior to deal with some of the trickiest situations are Winning Body Language, Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals, Tame the Primitive Brain, and Truth & Lies, What People are Really Thinking.

Visit www.truthplane.com to learn more.